It's Only Natural - The Breathable Benefits of Natural Underwear

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Nothing is as closer than nature than the skin you live in, so choosing fabrics that have a high breathability factor equals a massive sigh of relief. You can’t underestimate the importance of comfort in relation to your undergarments!

Read on to discover more about the breathable benefits of natural underwear.

Beautiful bamboo

Bamboo -  it’s the bomb! Not only is it 100 percent biodynamic, it’s also one of the most breathable of materials that is readily available to modern shoppers, take for example this  bamboo bra by Hara. Such intimate items (made primarily from the bamboo fibre) provide antibacterial and moisture wicking properties. As a bra is obviously worn in close proximity to lymph areas (ie. underarms) switching to a bamboo alternative can be an effective measure in minimising body odour and toxicity. This is due to the fibre’s unique propensity to draw dampness away from the skin.  

Bamboo alternatives also mean great things for the environment. Did you know that this amazing natural resource produces at least 35 percent more oxygen than trees? Bamboo can also grow to a whopping one metre in just one day! After harvesting, new stems will regrow in rapid fashion - meaning bamboo is one of the most sustainable of raw materials to be found on the planet.

Huggable Hemp

Hemp undies? Is that a thing? Yes it is - and an incredible one at that! Proponents of hemp claim that it is, if fact, a miracle plant with the ability to destroy microbes and impede bacteria growth. So, that means fresher underwear for longer! Hemp is an immensely breathable fabric and its open weave assists greatly with airflow.

Hemp is intrinsically environmentally friendly. It requires very little to no pesticides or extra irrigation to assist production - it’s just one very hardy crop! It also makes for surprisingly comfortable underwear. Should you call to mind some kind of rough-spun ‘hippy granny undies’ then, better think again! Hemp clothing can be pretty fashionable indeed, just check out these hemp undies by WAMA  - available in both men’s and women’s options.

Cosy Cotton

Cotton is a natural material that has been around since prehistoric times! Its modern application is, of course, as a textile, with most mainstream commercial cotton garments spun in combination with other fibres (including synthetics like nylon).The softest and most natural form of cotton is produced exclusively without the use of pesticides and other chemicals - this is referred to as organic cotton. Specialised garments made using organic cotton are much more breathable/durable than their chain-store counterparts. Therefore, they are more suited for intimate wear.

Opting for organic cotton means (more often that not) purchasing a product that is also fair trade ie. workers are paid a fair wage and given protective equipment when working with chemicals. However, in making ethical purchasing decision always check the ‘manufacturing fine print’. Look out for online suppliers like Mighty Good Undies that make their processes transparent/put accountability front and centre.

Loveable linen

Linen is not just for sheets and bed covers, it also can be used to fashion fantastic underwear! It is best known for its freshness - particularly in hot weather. It is said to have the ability to reduce excess skin temperature, and can absorb up to 20 percent of its moisture and still feel dry. What keeps linen undies more breathable (as opposed to most other common fabrics) is its polymer structure (that keeps most of the fiber’s surface area raised off the skin), plus gaps in the yarn that allow for additional air flow.

Linen undies are an incredibly hygienic option due to the fact that the fabric it is non-allergenic, non-static and almost entirely lint free. Possessing rare biological properties, it’s also a completely natural and ecologically sound material. Did you know that linen is made from the flax plant? Few resources are used so efficiently - nothing in production is wasted - from the leftover linseeds, oil, straw and fibre - to lino, soap, cattle feed and paper.

Breathe easy

Undies made from natural fibres help you to breathe easy - not just because they are a more hypoallergenic, moisture wicking and generally comfortable option - but, because they also lessen the toll on our environment. That’s one big breath of relief!

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Alison Morgan