Communication Barriers and Mistakes in Business

Communication is extremely important, especially in an environment where so much communication is online.

Below are 4 common Communication errors to avoid:

1: Grammar & Proofing

It's essential to check all written communications before sending, paying particular attention to typos, spelling, grammar and tone.

It may seem simple, however it's very often overlooked given we are short on time and auto-correct is in place. 

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2: Negative News

Bad news shouldn't be communicated via email. It can often be misunderstood and can easily eventuate in an unnecessary difficult situation.

Choose to pick up the phone or organise a meeting instead. 

3: Templates for Communication

Using a 'one size fits all' approach to communication doesn't work. When templates are used, the receiver often knows it's a template, so it comes across as spammy (hence the delete button is hit....!)

Yes templates can be used, however be sure to edit them carefully each time they are sent out. They should also be personalised, so you're speaking directly to the recipient, acknowledging them and their specific circumstances.  

4: Privacy Protection

Have you ever forwarded a sensitive email to the wrong person, or sent an incorrect attachment? This is something you definitely want to avoid.

Be sure to write your emails before selecting the recipients email address. Always double check the addressee, especially if your email program automatically fills in email address. 

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