Using Content Marketing to grow your business

Creating regular content is key for attracting both new and existing visitors to your website.

 Content Marketing is the creation and distribution of valuable information to attract your target audience

this is executed via producing helpful, useful, interesting and entertaining information

<the end objective is to drive sales> 

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Below are 6 tips to start with Content Marketing for your Business:

1. Define your target market

Your entire business functions off knowing your target audience. Spend time defining your audience. This will allow you to tailor your content strategy based on your audience's needs and wants.

If your business is new - the understanding of your target audience will grow over the 1st 2 years of business. There's no need to worry if you feel like you're still getting to know your audience. The important fact is that you do spend time getting to know them. (Hint: put this as one of your business objectives for a quarter) 

2. Your choice of Mediums

Choose where you'd like your content appear. The more channels... the better. i.e.: Blog, throughout your website, social media channels, in-store, newsletters, video etc

3. Topics

Choose a maximum of 3 topics to talk about in your Content.

Talking about 1 topic from a variety of angles is what helps make you an expert.

4. Frequency

Consistency with your frequency is key to successful Content Marketing.

It takes between 6-9 months to grow in momentum as your audience widens and your reach becomes broader.

Become frequent and consistent; both with your timing and messaging

Your aim is to create a web footprint. The more places your content can be seen and directed back to your website, the higher amount of interest you will generate (given that you're producing helpful, useful information for your audience).

5. Research

Spend time researching your Google Analytics and the backend of your website. This will allow you to recognise highly searched pagestopics and trends.

This will allow you to produce content which is targeted well to your readers / visitors.

6. Repurpose Content

It's incredibly useful to repurpose your content. 

If you have found a particular topic you’ve written about to be popular, then repurpose this. 

Simply adapt the topic to suit a variety of audiences and post the article / content in the most effective medium.

Eg: execution could take shape via a series of Instagram Stories, Live Facebook Videos, Infographic, YouTube video, Physical Presentation, Photos, Newsletters…..

What’s worked for you in the past?

This will help build an effective content strategy – with the end objective to drive sales from quality customers

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