The importance of your Customer's journey

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It's important to understand your customers in order to provide them a high value service / product. A well used method to achieve this is through mapping out your Customers Journey

Understanding the variety of touch points within your business, along with taking in your customers perspective of your business, allows you to find gaps and opportunities which may have been overlooked.

Mapping your Customer's Journey helps to...

  • identify current weaknesses and new opportunities 
  • revise processes
  • create business goals
  • determine the experts / staff required to help achieve your goals
  • take on your clients perspective 

Creating your Customer Journey Map

Your objective is to create a map / flow chart showing how your groups of customers interact with your business.

There are no rules as to the format, however the clearer your map, the easier it will become to gain insights into your business. 

Tips to help with the process:

  • Identify the variety of points your customers interact with your business e.g.: in-store, packaging, website, social media sites etc.
  • Identify customers behavioural stages; their expectationsmindset and actions based on the variety of touchpoint within your business

 Create your map from your customers point of view

What do your customers need...
How can you help them...
Their experience...

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