Finding your passion and turning it into a business

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Do you feel destined for so much more than what you’re living right now? 

Is there something holding you back from achieving way more than a ‘meh’ kind of life and career? If so, you have come to the right place.

It’s time to love your life! No more should do, have to do, don’t want to do days on end. Now is the time to focus on creating a world where you truly love what you do. 

As a Business Coach, I help clients work with their passions and turn them into their own business. Through pinpointing your inner spark, we then work together to gain clarity, direction and a unique business proposition.

For some, it’s easy to know and understand their true passion. Others struggle with it for years. Everyone is different:)

If you’re one of the many people searching for your passion, here is a great process to help you uncover what it is that sparks your life…

Stop for a moment and think about what life would be like if your dreams and plans came to fruition. If there was no fear of failureno negative voices in your head and no limitations.

How would your life be different?

We are all capable of achieving our dreams, reaching goals we once thought were completely impossible. Living your inner passion on a daily basis is totally achievable!

Here’s a practical exercise to help you find your passion:

  1. Take some time to write down your thoughts:

* Imagine if……..

* Wouldn’t it be great if……..

* I’m dreaming of……..

* What gets me fired up to create change?...

  1. Next, write down a list of feelings you had when you were writing the above list.
  1. Spend time focusing on the lists to see which areas really resonate with you.
  1. Ask yourself questions about your past – include both the good and bad. It’s often the negative  experiences which trigger a learning, and inturn unearthing an unrecognised passion…

This is the beginning of the process of ‘finding your passion’.

You will notice you’re passionate about something when your mental state is boosted, as you vibrate on a higher level.

Be limitless in your listeningdreaming and aspirations. There’s no fear in the future – just a life to be lived. It’s yours for the taking – the main thing is that it’s up to you to initiate it!

Once you’ve found your passion, life becomes even sweeter when it’s incorporated into everyday life.

Whether you're excited about being freed of your current 9-5 jobwhich is filled with limitations, or as keen mustard to empower an audience and future clients with your message through your services / products – there’s a sense of ‘life is about to change for the better!’ attitude. It’s so exciting!

When starting a business, passion is the starting base - you then need to build from there. Work towards unearthing what it is that makes you unique, stand out and be heard amongst the other businesses in the marketplace.

Through brainstorming ideas to combine your passion with your skills and experience – a variety of business ideas begin to take shape.

We are each very different individuals, so our lists reflect this. This is how you start to build a UNIQUE proposition for your business - which also includes your passion.

It can take a while and you’ll hit a few barriers and blocks as you go through this process – however when you pop out the other end, it’ll be absolutely worth all the effort involved.

It’s normal for your purpose in life to take a while to unfold. Through spending time and effort digging deep and asking ‘why’, you can come to the answer of why you are on this path.

Largely, this process is about creating a lifestyle for yourself which you love.

Knowing the impact you desire to make on others is also a pivotal factor in creating your business built from your passion.

I teachencourage and hold client’s accountable for reaching their goals. Each session is spent focusing solely on the client and guiding them along their own unique path to reach success and fulfillment. It’s at this point that people start living the dream. Living their passion via their work AND their lifestyle.

It’s true that once you merge the two, you never work a day again. And it’s also true that you will have never worked so hard in your life. The difference is that it’s fun. It’s your passion, so it’s completely enjoyable and uplifting! You will reach the state of living in bliss – being grateful for everything and LOVING your life!