3 simple Time Management Strategies

Most of us (all of us??!) are time poor... No matter which stage of life you’re at, how much or how little there is to do – most of us would agree that we’d like a few additional hours in every single day …!

Whether you’re a master of multi-tasking or prone to the never-ending distractions, Time Management techniques and strategies can be a serious game changer.


Below are 3 simple Time Management strategies:

1. Tackle Tasks in Sprints – Similar to High Intensity Workouts, tackle your to-do list in short sprints. 25 minute blocks works best for me! This technique is most successful when focusing on a very small amount of tasks with no distractions.

2. Time Blocking – I use this technique approximately 3 times per week. Schedule blocks of time in your calendar to focus on a single project, admin work, or whatever is required. Blocking out 1.5hrs is the ideal timeframe to get this type of work done (no more than once per day). If you’re using an electronic calendar (I use Google Calendar), give Time Blocking a specific colour so it stands out in your diary.

3. Stop thinking about it – Thinking about what needs to be completed often takes longer than actually doing it. If you find you’ve thought about something 3x and still haven’t tackled it, write it at the top of your to-do list and ensure it’s top priority.

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