Babies and Breathers - 7 Tips For Maintaining Self Care as a New Parent

Maintaining self-care is essential as a new parent. It’s easy to get caught up in the stresses and worries of your new responsibilities that are compounded by an inevitable lack of sleep. Try these few easy tips to stay on top of things.

Stay Active

Stay active, or of course, get active if have been off the wagon for some time now. Exercising increases your well-being in all facets of life. Go for walks with your baby, there are plenty of great prams or twin prams available that you can power walk or run with. So, there’s no excuse not to get outside on a sunny day and exercise.

You can also put your baby down on a mat at the park or in your backyard while you do a bodyweight circuit routine. Whatever you’d prefer, make the time to exercise.

Get Outdoors

As well as exercising outdoors, it’s important to make the most of sunny days to get out into the sunshine and go on walks or catch a train into the city and see some sights. Go to an art gallery or museum. Don’t fall into the trap of staying home because it’s too much effort to get all of the baby needs packed and ready. You’ll feel better and more accomplished at the end of the day if you’ve gotten outside and enjoyed a new activity.

Listen to Music

When you’re inside the house and cooking, playing with baby or taking care of errands, put some music on to brighten the mood. Your baby will most likely enjoy listening to the music as well and it’s an immediate mood enhancer. Chores are far more enjoyable with a good track on in the background.

Limit Your Screen Time

Especially limit the time you spend staring at your phone. Very little good comes of checking your social media and various apps on your phone. If you need to take care of emails, then jump on your computer and get it done. Phones are full of distractions which are generally a waste of time. Be more precious with how you spend your time.

Find Alone Time

Work with your partner or parents to ensure you can give yourself even as little as 30 minutes of alone time every day. It will do wonders for your mental health. And, when you take this time to yourself, stay away from social media and screens all together.

Try reading, doing some yoga, getting creative and sketch or write. Give your brain a break from baby concerns and get back in touch with yourself. Do this on a daily basis and you will avoid feeling like you’re losing your identity and being overwhelmed by parenthood. 

Read for Pleasure

Either as part of your alone time, or before bed – read a good book. Reading opens and engages the mind in ways that even the best TV series can’t match. Lose yourself in a good book and give yourself a mental break from the stresses and to-do lists of your day and new life as a parent. It also sets a good example for your child if they grow up seeing mum and dad reading books regularly. 

Make Healthy Choices

Like exercising, reading, limiting screen time, getting outdoors, making healthy choices in your day to day operations will lead to a happier, more fulfilling and enjoyable experience of parenthood. Make healthy choices for you and your baby. From food to getting adequate sleep and staying active, it’s important for you and especially for your baby to grow and develop in a healthy environment.

Becoming a parent is going to change your life. So ensure that it changes your life in a healthy and completely positive way, rather than letting stress and anxiety get the better of you.

Alison Morgan